Sildenafil or Viagra is often the most common drug for the treatment of erection dysfunction. It furthermore treats additional male sex-related function complications. The sildenafil citrate is definitely the salt form of the drug. It really is generally used to increase the circulation of blood in order to the penis to assist men keep his penile Silagra erection to boost sexual task. 

This drug would not protect customers against intimately sent disease ( HIV, hepatitis M, gonorrhoea, syphilis). Do not necessarily consume over when daily. A calorie-loaded diet plan may delay the result connected with the drug. The other ailment that the drugs is used for is usually pulmonary arterial high blood pressure. 

The intake of alcoholic beverage should be retained to a minimum level as that may trigger side effects like as dizziness, fainting as well as fatigue. If you are usually a coronary heart individual or perhaps have underwent bypass operations within the past six months, you will need to consult the particular doctor. 

People affected by renal and liver disease should also be careful. If a person have fluctuating low blood pressure in that case you are advised to be able to use this medicine like it right interferes along with blood flow. 

Information given here is based on this salt and information of the medicine. Effect together with uses of medicine might vary from person to person. It is advicable to consult a Sexologist before using this medicine.

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